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About Us

GymNext is a fitness and sports technology company dedicated to developing innovative technology to enhance the experience of athletes, coaches, instructors, officials and spectators. Our products take advantage of the latest in mobile and web technologies and combine them with cutting edge hardware like sensors, wearables and digital displays.

GymNext is headquartered just outside of Barrie, Ontario, Canada - 1 hour north of Toronto. Our dedicated team of engineers is fueled by their passion for technology and for fitness/sport. When we're not behind the computer screen or hacking in our R&D lab, we are out playing hockey, basketball, soccer, running, cycling, skiing, working out or doing some other highly active pursuit.

The pace of growth in technology is very quick. There are new gadgets and devices launching every week. Our products employ open APIs so that we are perfectly placed to take advantage of these new technologies as they emerge. Our app and our platform is a green field of opportunity for us to offer the best fitness and sports experience to our users and we plan to continue to improve and update our offerings in the months and years ahead.